Sunday, 15 November 2015

 A week of changes... a new hair cut and a new area!!!

What a way to watch General Conference!!

Pizza, well that is something different...okay, maybe not.

I hope this isn't a sign of what he is eating all the time, he may regret it.

All packed up and ready to go. A clear study desk.

Reunion with the missionaries from his MTC group.
Elder Reynolds managed to meet up with missionaries from his MTC group at transfers.

In High
Wycombe ward there is me, Elder Hartshorn, Elder Price and Elder
Baines. Elder Price has served with Elder Hartshorn before and Elder
Baines is from Sheffield and has been out for 6 weeks or so! He is
going to be serving in America but because of problems with his visa,
he has started his mission here and will be leaving at some point!
Elder Baines is 6.5ft! All four of us are over 6ft and we live in the
same 2-man flat at the moment whilst they are finding a flat for me
and Elder Hartshorn! So I don't actually have a desk at the moment!
Haha! We all sleep in the same room, me and Elder Hartshorn sleep on
the floor, and have to prop the mattresses up in the morning to
provide space! Haha! It is very cramped for the four of us! Haha!