Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Missionary Training Centre

This is a Blog regarding the experiences of Elder Isaac Reynolds. He has been called to serve in the England London South Mission for a period of 2 years from the 9th July 2015.

The purpose of this Blog is to enable others to keep up to date with the experiences that he will have over this next 2 years. It will be written on his behalf by his dad with extracts from emails received (with Elder Reynolds' consent) and hopefully with some photographs of areas where he serves. People's names (other than Elder Reynolds and his family) will be anonymised unless specific permission has been given for their information to be included in this blog. It will hopefully shed some light on why he has chosen to serve a Mission.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a lay ministry which means that those who have responsibilities within the church are not paid for their service. This means that they work in regular jobs in addition to serving in the church.

Elder Reynolds has saved for his mission and with the help of some family and friends, will be self-sufficient for this period of 2 years of service.  He submitted his application to serve without having any idea as to where he may be sent.

England London South Mission
There are currently over 400 missions around the world. With over 85,000 missionaries from many countries around the world. He knows of others that have served in various locations including friends and family serving/served in Greece, South Africa, Haiti, Las Vegas, Utah, Colorado, Botswana/Namibia, Arizona, Spain as well as various destinations in the United Kingdom: Bristol, Coventry, Leeds, Manchester, Scotland and Ireland. To the side is a map of the area where he will be serving.

During this 2 year period Elder Reynolds will always need to be with another missionary (his Companion). In order to remain focused during this time, he will not go on dates, watch television programmes, listen to popular music and will only have contact with his family by weekly email and a telephone call on Mothers' day and at Christmas. He will work 7 days a week and will only have 8 hours a week (P-day/ Preparation day) to email family/friends, do shopping, cleaning, laundry and have time for a bit of relaxation.

On the 9th of July he will enter the England Missionary Training Centre in Chorley. He will stay there for 2 weeks prior to going down to the England London South Mission.

With the help of a number of family members, Elder Reynolds has been putting away books, clothing, videos and music that he will not be using for the next 2 years and packing up his belongings for the next 2 years.


  1. Enjoy the journey of your mission Isaac. I'm sure you will do a great job for the next 2 year's

  2. Enjoy the journey of your mission Isaac. I'm sure you will do a great job for the next 2 year's