Sunday, 4 October 2015

Quick catch up.

With Steph's brother getting married on the 26th September, Elder Reynolds was not able to attend. We decided that we would have matching ties at the wedding so we bought Elder Reynolds a matching tie to wear on the same day. 'I wore the tie on Saturday! I love the tie! I love ties! It was really nice to get a new tie and felt nice to feel part of the event even though I was not there! Haha! Its been a fun week! 

 Sounds like the wedding was fun!' 

On Wednesday we stopped a student! She is a Christian and was really interested in finding out more about the church! We planned to meet her a couple of days after but her schedule changed so we could not do it! But then she told us that she had been chatting online with missionaries on after our last meeting! 

Then on Thursday, I was sat on the train to Dorking and this spider was crawling on my Book of Mormon, so I flicked it off but then it started to climb on this guys bag! So I let him know, he brushed it off his bag, I squished it and he brushed it under the seat! Haha! So then we started to talk! I told him about my mission and he was very
interested! He had just been to Corfu for his friend's wedding! I wish I could have spoken to him more, but
it came to our stop and I left him a pass-along card! 
(I in no way condone the injury to the spider, although I am sure it was no more than stunned and bruised during this encounter)

Yesterday, just before church, I was preparing myself for Sacrament and was being very reverent when Elder Whitehead nudged me! One of the Members was beckoning us over, so we walked out as Sacrament Meeting
was starting, Bishop Elliott (Scott Caffrey's friend) was getting up. So outside there was this couple that had just walked in who were very interested in finding out more about the church! We then took them into the meeting and they listened to everyone's testimonies and said amen to all of them, participated in Gospel Principles and Priesthood (the woman thought Relief Society was really good!) and loved it all! We spoke to them after and he informed us that he has been on a 5-day Fast to come closer to Christ and had been led to the Church! He said he wants to be baptised as soon as! Haha! They have already talked about marriage and are hoping to do that soon! (As you cannot be baptised if you are living together till after marriage!) It was amazing! And the lessons were about the Family Proclamation, which was perfect for their situation as they are expecting a baby!

So these photos are pretty cool! The first is of the post I received from Primary! It was amazing to receive these! I just had to take a photo of it! So could you tell the Primary Kids a huge THANK YOU from me! It really made my day and they even sent me some Jelly Babies that I will always be grateful for! I really love to hear from the Kids! They are amazing! Very pretty pictures and they are very thoughtful! So I will always be looking at them!

The second is of me with my Book of Mormon that I have been marking up. I have finished it today! So I have gone through the Book of Mormon and highlighted all the things about Christ and things that Christ has said, so as you can imagine, a lot of marking! So that little bit of tape on the spine says "Jesus Christ", so then I know what is highlighted inside! This is what I want to do with the Book of Mormons you have sent but with different topics highlighted! Like the next one will be highlighted to show the many patterns in the Book of Mormon!

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