Thursday, 20 August 2015

Elder Reynolds gave a little bit more information about his companion (trainer).
Elder Whitehead is the second eldest in his family, he has an older brother who has got back from his mission. He loves to cook, he cooked for his family back home!

Elder Reynolds is the eldest of 5 siblings. Whilst he is away, life at home continues and so this year. Eliza left secondary school (She picked up her GCSE results today). She is going on to study at Ashton Sixth Form College. Kian, has finished primary school so we have just picked up his school uniform for secondary school. Malachi is now in the top class at school. Alisha has now moved up into class 4. One of his cousins has just got engaged and another is looking forward to a new arrival. 

In addition to that, his friends are also having significant events. One turned 18 last week and others have been picking up there GCSE results. 

Amazing to think we have had these things happen in such a short period of time.

"Yeah, I've had an interesting week! On Tuesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Belnap (zone leader) and it was amazing! 
We had an appointment at 7 and we had asked for assistance from a less active so he could help with translation. We got to the house, and the person we were going to teach wasn't in! So we decided to knock on some doors for a few minutes, no success! Then the member thought it would be good to stop by someone he knew (his mum's friend). We knocked on the door, she opened it, spoke to him for a couple of minutes in Portuguese and we walked in! We taught her the restoration, with the member playing the key role of translating and bearing testimony. She felt the spirit in that lesson, and so did all of us! It was an amazing lesson! We will be seeing her again this week!"

Elder Reynolds highlighted some of the things he has learnt. 
I have learnt a lot so far! I have learnt that we are the noble and great ones and that if we focus on Christ, we can do anything!
I find it difficult to start conversations with people on the street. I can often find it hard to teach. But when I can, I love doing it! We have learnt that if there is a lot of opposition, something great is about to happen!

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