Sunday, 6 September 2015

Belated blog, thanks to Talktalk

An apology that this did not get published last week.

For some reason talktalk decided that we were no longer allowed to receive emails. Rather than contact us they just prevented them from getting through.

Anyhow there are a few extracts from Elder Reynolds' email from the week commencing 24th August 2015. He hadn't written very much as he had written a whole load for Malachi as he was celebrating his 10th birthday.

The photograph is from Malachi's baptism 2 years ago. He had asked Isaac to baptise him.

Now today is a special day, it is your day, it is the day we all celebrate when Malachi Joseph Reynolds came into our lives. Now you are 10 years old, you are getting more and more grown up... Just know that you have your family right behind you! I may be far away, but I am here if you need anything!

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