Sunday, 20 September 2015

Catch up on two weeks.

Here we go two new photos!

One of the Door of Miracles

and one showing what we got with the money received from *** to treat ourselves. We loved it! So tell *** thank you from us, it really made our day!

I have only got two hours to email! I try to reply as I want to keep on hearing from people! I understand how hard it is to email someone on their mission! What I tend to do is copy and paste a story from the week into the email then answer any questions and ask them how they are doing! It usually fills up the time nicely! I always love to see that people care, it lifts my spirits and I like to thank them! I make you then the mission president the prioritise then I email others if I can! Especially those closest friends that I miss loads! Haha!

So yeah, the last week has been pretty good! We have been continuing to teach R*, taught her four times now, Had members with us for three of those lessons! So that made a huge difference in helping her! 

It was interesting, we had planned to teach a lesson with one our American members in the ward and prior to the lesson, I started to feel really worried that he was going to see how bad of a teacher I am! I was scared that he would talk to people about the rubbish English missionary! Haha! But we went in, taught R* the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I think that it was one of our best lesson! It was amazing! There were three of us teaching and it worked!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, yesterday when we taught R* we asked her if she would be baptised on the 11th October and she said yes! Haha! So that is pretty exciting!

We have been working a lot with the ward council recently, trying to get them pumped about missionary work! Haha! And Brother F* (someone you have heard from on Facebook I believe) taught us something amazing, that we need to build our own faith before we share it with others. We should make it part of who we are. He likens it to finding an amazing free restaurant! If we really understand how amazing the gospel is, sharing it will come naturally! 

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