Sunday, 20 September 2015

2 Months Completed Already

It came at about 9.30am we were in companionship study at that point! We heard the buzzer, and was like "what was that?". We hadn't heard it before, then I looked out the window and said "it's ASDA!" And ran for the door! It was really good! A few substitutes! One for the beef and grapes! And then substitutes for the jelly babies and shortcakes! But I wasn't bothered, we had some shopping!

It's been a fun week! At the moment I am in the ward clerk's office and am emailing till the zone leaders and the Crawley elders get here, we are going to be playing some football!

On Sunday we had a mission fast for The Season of Miracles! Just to let you know, President Gubler had a 
vision of our mission having a season of miracles. Just like when the church was first established in England, where there were 1000's of baptisms, it is going to happen again! All the missionaries in the England London South mission have been preparing themselves spiritually by improving their faith. We have all been challenged to read the Book of Mormon between 6/12 weeks (depending on if you are new!), with three questions in mind: Who am I? Who is He (Jesus Christ)? As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I will...? So yesterday's fast was all about asking Heavenly Father to open the floodgates to the season of miracles! It is super exciting!

Last week we were able to meet our goal of having 20 lessons! So we loved that!

The youth doing well then? I miss them loads! I think of them all the time! They are amazing! I was lucky to be with them.

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