Sunday, 6 September 2015

Transfer Day

Some anxieties this week as we waited (perhaps not so) patiently for an email from Elder Reynolds on Monday, which did not arrive.

Eventually, the email arrived on Tuesday.

Hi Mum,
So this is my email for this week! Today is P-Day because of moves but I'm staying!

A couple of photos were added. Unfortunately, no explanation as to who the gentleman is. Possibly a random person they met in the street and wanted to have a photograph with his motor bike. Hopefully there will be a bit of an explanation next week.

I was in the hairdressers today and One Direction was on, I was like "opposition comes in weird ways, it seems like all the good music and films have come out as I have left!" Haha! It doesn't bother me too much though! I'm just happy to be doing what I am doing! So yeah, today I had my first proper missionary haircut! It was fun! I feel great! Recently, I have found a way of staying positive! And its by singing Bring Me Sunshine (Morcambe and Wise) I was singing it the other day in the rain, and I felt great! We went knocking on doors and the rejections didn't bother me! 
We had an amazing experience yesterday, we went to visit a referral! We were on the train to visit her and then I received a call, and it was her! She asked when we were able to come over to bring her the Book of Mormon, and I said "how about in the next 20 minutes?"  So we walked over, went into her house and taught her about the Restoration! It was brilliant! She told us that she had been listening to the Book of Mormon on the internet and she knew that it was true! She doesn't feel ready for baptism yet but she will be praying about it! Its mega exciting!  

Its been fun this transfer and ever since I came into the field as I have been studying the Book of Mormon everyday! I love it! It has really built my faith in Christ! I am starting to fully understand what he has done for us! Also, another interesting this in the Book of Mormon that I loved is the soldier in Alma 44:12-15. He is amazing! You should get Malachi to read that chapter! Haha! What an amazing example the soldier is to just stand up like that! 

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